An immersion in Spanish gastronomy, culture, art and atmosphere.

Taste to Spain of our Spanish Gastronomy Hotel in Andalusia Spain will allow you to enjoy a stay in which to experience the authentic national lifestyle away from the typical topics.

This experience includes:

  • Stay in one of our double rooms with balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. So you can appreciate how the Mare Nostrum has forged the character and idiosyncrasy of Spain and the Spanish.
  • Tasting of a select bottle of Rioja or Ribera del Duero wine. To savor the taste of the most appreciated spirits in the world. To complete this tasting:
  • Tasting of two typical products of the land: Serrano ham, with its unmistakable flavor that makes it unique and Manchego Cheese, with designation of origin.
  • 2 tickets to attend an art show and flamenco charm.
  • Course of learning to prepare the authentic Spanish Sangria and tasting two glasses of this refreshing drink.
  • Typicalcañas and tapas. Consent in two national beers with a  homemade potato omelette.
  • Book to immortalize the experience. Photo session with professional photographer of renowned prestige.
  • Buffet breakfast with a great variety of fresh seasonal local products tailored to your taste, and thus get to know the Spanish culture through Malaga cuisine, one of the most representative cuisines of Spanish gastronomy.

This experience will be attended by one of the ingredients that make Spain unique: the joy of residents in Spain. No matter what nationality you are, once you have lived in Spain, the joy, the unique Spanish way of life quickly takes over any citizen who will be happy to share this pride with you.

Spanish Gastronomy Hotel in Andalusia Spain. Together with all our services and facilities, this experience will make you feel an emotion difficult to describe, it will influence you so much that ... you may decide not to return!