A pleasure for gourmands and gourmets of refined tastes lovers of the bonne vie.

An experience specially designed for those who love the cult of gastronomy, food and, in general, food. With this experience you can complete the reservation of a room with a series of extras if you are one of those who adore tasting life, specifically through culinary whims.

Specifically, this experience includes:

  • Stay in one of our classic double rooms. With an immense bed and luxury furniture suitable for the hours of meals.
  • Popcorn, chocolates and sweets. Ideal to enjoy a movie on the 32-inch high-definition flat screen television in the room.
  • Welcome minibar all inclusive. Every guest's dream !, all the soft drinks in the minibar at your disposal to enjoy drinks (in case the popcorn has given you thirst).
  • 2 cocktails on our terrace chillout. Let's drink for life in a very cool environment. In this space you can enjoy good company of friends and the spectacular cocktails that our surprising bartender can prepare.
  • Tasting buns. Who bitters a candy?. Luxury pastry made for this experience.
  • Free Room Service. The room service at your disposal to make you get the delicious dishes of our menu if you want to taste them in your room. We recommend that you do it on the balcony of the room. You'll see how your appetite stimulates you and everything tastes better.
  • Buffet breakfast in our Paris Tokyo Restaurant or continental breakfast in the room. Here if you are going to flip with the delicacies of our gastronomy. A huge assortment of specialties to fully prepare breakfast at your leisure. Enjoying it in our dining room or in your room. !As you wish!.

This is just an entree to open your mouth, in addition to all the services and facilities of our hotel at your disposal, you will be awaited by an additional surprise that you will only discover if you honor us with your visit. All to offer you a unique experience in our hotel for foodies and gourmets in Andalusia Spain.