Nowadays, new technological innovations are really present in the daily life of a person; smartphones, tablets, smart tvs, etc. But there is a concept that is taking a lot of presence in recent years, virtual reality.

What are virtual reality glasses?

Do you have any idea what virtual reality glasses are? We can say that, with virtual reality glasses you can travel to an environment created by a technological device, for example, the most common, a pair of glasses. This allows the user to immerse himself in an artificial ecosystem that combines auditory and visual elements.

Although where more presence today is in the video game industry, it is also true that it is becoming very important in totally different markets. Virtual reality offers something more than entertainment, for example in sectors such as education, more and more frequently they are implementing these virtual reality lenses to enhance the training of students from a totally innovative perspective.

Virtual reality glasses in hotels

But we want to show you its importance in the tourism sector. With the arrival of virtual reality in this sector, the possibilities to attract new guests increase considerably. Imagine, arriving at the hotel you booked and being able to find yourself in your room with virtual reality glasses with which you can visualize the different beauties of the city or other possible destinations. That is, to experience the sensation of traveling to different places without leaving your place!

Oculus virtual reality glasses allow you to enter a sociocultural space in which the client can travel through any city, discover shops and tourist sites around the world without leaving the room. The project will promote and prioritize the most important points of Torremolinos to boost its tourist attraction.

All this will contribute:

  • Increase the positive image of the city of Torremolinos to be the first city in the world with a business of these characteristics.
  • Help people so they can plan their route before leaving.
  • Involve users, in general, in language learning.
  • Create a day-to-day disconnection space.
  • Seasonalization of demand.

It is undeniable that the future of virtual reality in the hotel industry is very promising. More and more companies invest in these lenses and the number of users consequently is also greater. In our case, we want our guests to travel virtually with our hotel without leaving their room, for that reason, we are the first hotel that is committed to something as innovative as virtual reality glasses.

"CRISTELLA PLAZA HOTEL, S.L. has received a grant from the European Union under the ERDF for the project VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES, which aims to allow the client to travel throughout the city."